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- Some thoughts about Motocyclops -

With the pressures of daily "modern" living mounting every day, many people find they need a means to escape the clock-work madness and be in a place where time is the last thing on your mind. For many, travel is the way to do this and, for a small but highly dedicated community, motorcycle travel is the poison of choice.

I believe motorcycle travel is a unique experience and on many levels has changed my life and the lives of so many others. A motrocyclist's ability to penetrate rugged areas of the Earth and easily develop relationships with locals offers a great chance for creating something truly unimaginable out of your experience.


At the same time, technology advances and becomes more affordable. Currently, it's not so hard or expensive to take a still or video camera with you on your journeys to capture your memories and share them with people. It's easy to get obsessed with standards of "high def" this or "latest version" of that and feel that anything less isn't good enough. While having nice equipment is wonderful, doing a lot with only a little has been the artists' struggle from time immemorial. From riding to recording and recreating the experience, every step along the way is, individually and collectively, art. Motocyclops would like to see this art grow for the sake of not only groups of people but individuals.

I hope in the future, regardless of which medium one may choose to share their adventures, Motocylops can become a small community of people who share this same passion and encourage each other to develop their skills and creative powers to express something of their experiences so that others may see, and all may learn.

In the meantime, Motocyclops will change slowly and is excited to open up with "The Return/ Riding Western China - A One Man Motographic Prodction" - A story of one very normal rider with normal gear making the best of what he's got. For more info on this please click the "Film" link above or watch the trailer.

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome about both the film and site so please fell free to use the "Contact" section and drop a line!