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- Synopsis -

- After a brush with death and stupidity in 2005, “The Return” takes us back in 2006 on a solo “motographic” ride from Sichuan, China through Tibet-Qinghai then into Xinjiang - home of the great Taklamakan desert and the Karakoram Highway leading us to our ultimate destination - Kashmir.

- Produced entirely by one man riding 150cc motorcycles using simple video and still cameras; Carl Parker shares the story of these two adventures using photos, video, artwork, and music from Proximity Butterfly. Wanna go for a ride?

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At over 4000m/asl, stay the night with a family of Tibetan yak herders. From one extreme to another, at -130m we'll explore some of the Silk Road’s
ancient cities and how people survived on these lands for thousands of years.

Learn about a rider pushed to the limits of his body
and mind as well as what he went through to get
there and come back again.

Also included: “The Return” KMZ file giving you detailed GPS tracks, waypoints and geotagged images
from the film and much more to help you plan your trip to China!

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- Credits -

Ridden, Produced, Captured, Presented, Directed, Edited and Narrated by: Carl Parker

Music: Proximity Butterfly

Mixing: Dwarak Warrier

Artwork: Bai Xiao Po, Carl Parker

Support: Good family, friends and strangers

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Dolby Digital 2ch Stereo
NTSC, all regions
Run Time
~98 mins
Suitable for all ages

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